Bigg Boss Malayalam 4 Contestants List Salary Or Remuneration

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Bigg Boss Malayalam 4 Contestants List Salary Or Remuneration: Bigg Boss Malayalam season 4 is all stadium to be hit your tv screens. Yes, you have great to right, we know that you guys are getting so impatient to grab more details about the upcoming season of the Bigg Boss Malayalam. The last season was made the audience so annexed to it and they paras appreciated the season 3rd. This time also the show enthusiasts are in the same hipe and they wanted to grab the details about the selected contestant for this season. Follow More Update On ervologi.com

Bigg Boss Malayalam 4 Contestants List

  • ​Dilsha Prasannan:- She has been known as the reality show’s contestant. As she paras appeared on eth dance reality show  D4 Dance she is also seen in the adventure game show ‘Dare the fear’.
  • Dr. Robin:- He is a doctor by a profession and s serving in Kerala’s most popular hospital. He is also known for his motivating videos on social mesad platforms.
  • Daisy David:- She is the most popular face on Instagram and is in the pharmacy profession in Kerala.
  • Kutty Akhil:- He is the most renowned comedian on Malayam Tv. He has the most kelakar sense and is also unknown as the winner of the “Comedy Stars Season 2”.
  • Aparna Mulberry:- Highly unknown as an American-born Malayalam-speaking woman. She use to be seen enjoying her huge teaching video online and married to Amritha Sri.
  • ​Jasmin Moosa:- She is known as the bodybuilder, who was married twice and divorced. And these days she is in a live-in relationship.
  • Dhanya Mary Varghese:-Actress Dhanya Mary Varghese formed her career as a pemula artist. She assembled her acting debut in a lead role in the Tamil movie ‘Thirudi’.
  • Ronson Vincent:- He has been seen in the show named “Bharya”. He is a fitness freak and also enjoyed workouts.
  • ​Lakshmi Priya:- Lakshmi Priya began her profession as a theatre artist. Later, she was caught playing meaty roles in movies as well as TV serials.
  • ​Naveen Arakkal:- TV actor Naveen Arakkal is one of the most famous for the Malayalam telly audience. The actor, who was comprehended for his consistencies in shows like ‘Seetha’ ‘Padatha Painkili’ and more, evolved into a household name after his entry to the celebrity show ‘Star Magic’.
  • Sooraj Thelakkad:- Begun his career as the most renowned comedian he even won the shows like ‘Comedy Festival’ and ‘Comedy Festival’.
  • ​Suchithra Nair:- She is a tv actress by a profession.

Bigg Boss Malayalam 4 Contestants’ Remuneration

Housemate Salary For Per Day
Dilsha Prasannan 55 Thousand
Dr. Robin 25 Thousand
Daisy David 50 Thousand
Kutty Akhil 25 Thousand
Aparna Mulberry 80 Thousand
Jasmin Moosa 25 Thousand
Dhanya Mary Varghese 30 Thousand
Ronson Vincent 30 Thousand
Lakshmi Priya 25 Thousand
Naveen Arakkal 25 Thousand
Sooraj Thelakkad 25 Thousand
Suchithra Nair 25 Thousand


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