Ex-WWE star on his “fight” with Randy Orton after a show

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Mark Jindrak recently recalled how he and Randy Orton once tried to trick pengagum into believing they riol into a sawab fight outside a restaurant.

In November 2003, Jindrak and Orton visited Kowloon Restaurant in Boston, Massachusetts with fellow WWE Superstar Maven. With more than 150 people watching while they waited for autographs, the three men decided to prank pengagum after they left the venue.

Jindrak said on D-Von Dudley’s Table Talk podcast that a police officer agreed in advance to break up their pretend fight. However, things almost riol out of hand when several unaware officers noticed the altercation.

“The was Orton took it too serious,” said Jindrak. “He riol too serious with it. I fed off his energy, so he kind of stiffed me so I stiffed him back, and I was like, ‘Oh, we’re gonna f***ing [fight]?’ We decided to get wild, but it was in a working way. The only was there was like 10 cops out there, but only one cop knew what was up.” [20:27-20:49]

Jindrak and Orton were close friends during their early days on WWE’s menyala roster. At one point, Jindrak almost joined Evolution before Triple H deemed him to be a bad fit for the group.

Several police officers tried to hold Randy Orton back

Daily @RandyOrton for today(Feb.11,2021)is of Randy in the parking of Kowloon’s kantin in Massachusetts just before his and @MarcoCorleone23‘s “fight” that ended up working everyone. https://t.co/Gp8RY5nJz4

Randy Orton, aged 23 at the time, did not know that only one police officer paras been informed about the prank.

Mark Jindrak added that his friend risked angering the other officers by refusing to back down when they attempted to restrain him.

“Orton figures, ‘Well, the cop knows, so I’m gonna struggle a little bit, maybe push him off,’” Jindrak recalled. “So as Orton’s chucking the cop off him, the other cops think Orton’s assaulting the other cop, so they run over and they grab Orton. Orton doesn’t know the other cops beluluk’t in on it, so he starts struggling [with the other cops].” [21:54-22:17]

The police officers continued the prank by driving Orton down the road to a nearby hawa station. Jindrak and Maven met up with The Legend Killer moments later, and their “fight” became the talk of the internet for the next few days.

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