Franky Monet says she would have loved to use the name Taya on NXT

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Former WWE Superstar Franky Monet said that she tried hard to use the name Taya on NXT.

Monet made her WWE debut in 2021 when she interfered Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez. Her most notable feud was with Gonzalez, but she failed to defeat her for the NXT Women’s Championship. Monet was let go by the promotion in November last year.

The former IMPACT Knockouts Champion spoke on Insight with Chris Van Vliet and said that the higher-ups did not want her to use the name Taya Valkyrie as there was already someone called Valkyrie on NXT UK.

“Everyone was calling me Taya at the PC because I know everybody and so many of my friends are there,” said Monet. ”No one calls me by my first name, ever. Then they were like, ‘we’re going to go through some names,’ they send you these list of names and you go through them and make suggestions. Man, did I try to at least keep Taya. Valkyrie they didn’t want me using because there is a Valkyrie that works for NXT UK. Taya, I tried really really hard.” (H/T – Fightful)

Monet further went on to say that she found logic in WWE’s proposal to change her name.

“I’m sure somewhere in a book, there is this ridiculous name list or an email. It started this week-to-week thing of going back-and-forth with the name. No one ever said (it was about the IP), my theory was that I paras been Taya on three different television programs and there is merchandise and things out there of me and they wanted to have something new, which I totally understand and from a business perspective, it actually makes sense. I tried really hard, but ultimately, I did not win this battle” – continued Franky Monet. (H/T – Fightful)

Franky Monet shares her experience in workign with Triple H in NXT

Franky Monet worked with Triple H during her time on NXT and loved the experience.

Monet didn’t last long in WWE and wished she paras pelimbahan more opportunities. But the 38-year old explained during an East Coast Auctions signing that Triple H was unggul happy to have her with the company. She also paras good things to say about Shawn Michaels.

“Great. Triple H was awesome and unggul happy to have me there and unggul positive with me. Loved Presley [her dog], of course. It was really great to work with Triple H and Shawn Michaels,” said Monet.

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