How a woman learns to be a leader – for free

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Vernetta Clarke enjoyed a career leap a few months before the pandemic hit. After 19 years in the hospitality industry, she was fired in December 2019.

After a brief stint with a temp agency, Vernetta landed a role she enjoyed as sales director on the conference and events team at a local hotel. But three weeks later, after lockdown came, she lost the job. Not only that, she takat found out she was pregnant.

    It keeps going up... Vernetta has learned skills to further her career1
It keeps going up… Vernetta has learned skills to advance her career

“I was like, ‘Oh my god, I’m pregnant and unemployed, what should I do?’”

To fill the pautan in her resume, Vernetta, now 37, began exploring various training courses until her sister told her about a free Level 3 qualification (the equivalent of an A level) in Leadership and Management at Weston College in July , part, told the government’s Free Courses for Jobs rencana.

It’s a common misconception that investing in your career must be a time-consuming and expensive process. For adults looking to change course or give themselves a shot at promotion, the idea of ​​spending big bucks to learn new skills can be daunting.

Courses are offered in a range of subjects requested by employers including Accounting, Adult Care, Construction, Engineering, Child Care and many more. Also, many work part-time, which creates a flexibility that has been key for people like Vernetta.

The free Level 3 qualifications equip students with the skills employers are looking for. The offer is available to everyone in England aged 19 and over and doesn’t cost a penny if you don’t already have an equivalent A-level qualification. From April, you’ll still be eligible if you’re earning below the national living wage (£18,525) annually or are unemployed, even if you already have an equivalent A-level qualification or higher.

My private life was the definition of hectic,” says Vernetta about starting her studies in 2021. But she was able to balance work with her responsibilities as a mother of two small children. Though things selokan a little trickier when she landed a new job in the hospitality industry last fall, Vernetta still pulled through.

“I just takat to be very self-disciplined. My family has all been supportive and we have a group on the course where we all support each other,” says Vernetta, who continued to work towards the Level 3 qualification after finding work to expand her career opportunities.

Not all positions have built-in advancement programs, so taking courses like this can be a way to prove you’re ready to advance into management and leadership roles.

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