How to break boulders with a pickaxe in Atelier Sophie 2

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Unless you are just When you start the game, you’ve almost certainly seen those big boulders outside of town Sophie’s workshop 2. Are they inanimate objects? Yes, of course they are. Does it still feel like they taunt you when there is clearly a way to crack them but you have no idea how? Absolutely yes.

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That’s where the pickaxe comes in. Once Sophie has successfully crafted one, those boulders are no longer an obstacle. And as you might have guessed, there are valuable treasures to be found in its rocky surface – powerful minerals, massive ores and more. Let’s take a look at how to craft one of these ancient and trusted tools to help our favorite aspiring alchemist become the boulder-smashing miner she was secretly destined to be.

Crafting a pickaxe

Atelier Sophie 2 field research grasslands

For the first few hours of Atelier Sophie 2, there are broadly two ways to play the game. And while it’s no fun judging players in handy little guides like this, we have to put up with you here – one is right and the other is just plain wrong. The gathered materials, which Sophie will quickly accumulate during her first forays outside of Cradle of Earth, can either be saved and ignored in favor of story-specific fare, or used immediately to craft tools. The pickaxe is perhaps the most important of them all.

So don’t sit down on the materials necessary to craft the following simple finds:

  • 2x lumber

  • 1x Sylvalia

  • 1x stone

Throw them all together in your titular atelier and voilà, your very first pickaxe. New and improved strains will be available later in the game, but this relatively boring piece still promises to serve Sophie reasonably well.

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