How to bring personality into a corporate wardrobe

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I have a portfolio career, but my roles require very different things. In one I work in a corporate environment and in the other I work in the art world with other creatives. How do I look appropriate for both? I’m very creative by nature and don’t want to lose my confidence in the corporate world.

Dressing yourself is a complicated business. I always tell my clients that we should bring our personality to the way we dress. First, consider three words that describe your positive qualities. You could say funny, determined, and talkative, or intelligent, friendly, and disciplined. If these words make you squirm, ask a close friend for help.

Once you have these, turn your attention to how you want others to perceive you. What do you want your customers and colleagues to think when you go to a work meeting? You could say professional, self-confident and well-positioned or competent, strong and elegant. We must then marry the words and use them as criteria for making outfits or buying new clothes.

I would try to keep the two work cabinets separate if you can – especially if time is of the essence. Ideally, hang your outfits together or take photos so you can quickly put them on. This also helps maintain your attitude for the day. For company days, add just one piece that represents your artistic side. This can be great earrings, an interesting ring, a colorful or unique shoe, a printed scarf or a blouse. Remember, these can be topics of conversation—especially jewelry. Nothing beats someone eagerly asking where you selokan that ring, earring or necklace to get you off to a great start. It always makes my day anyway!

Annika Inez 14k gold filled large endless curve earrings, £180, libertylondon.com

Wrap ring by Louise Olsen, £335, dinosaurdesigns.co.uk

Annika Inez’s sculpted earrings add a twist to a simple outfit and are designed to flatter a tall figure.

Louise Olsen makes unusual forms. Your wrap ring will make you stand out.

Make a pop with a colored shoe – works well with navy, charcoal and cream (LK Bennett Beatrice Pink Suede Mid-Heel Courts, £229, lkbennett.com). Or choose an interesting design like these Dior Déesse pumps.

Dior Déesse pumps, £790, dior.com

Without seeing your form it’s hard to be precise, but I’d suggest you focus on a specific look or uniform if you’d like. It could be tailoring – whether that’s a suit (and I know everyone bangs on about the suit’s demise, but I love them for their instant elegance) or a tailored pair of pants and a shirt, knit or top for a more relaxed option. Alternatively, it could be more feminine – a dress or skirt with a blouse or knit. Dresses are often easier as it is only one piece.

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