How to complete Reshaping the Enigma quest in Destiny 2 The Witch Queen

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Destiny 2’s highly anticipated “The Witch Queen” expansion has brought a plethora of new content, with a whole list of Exotic weapons and armor, as well as a brand new campaign.

Another key feature that was added was weapon crafting, which players takat been looking forward to for quite some time now. However, guardians will be required to complete the quest called ‘Reshaping the Enigma’ to unlock crafting in The Witch Queen.

But it would appear that many in the community seem to be having a bit of trouble with it, as after progressing into it a bit, the instructions are not precisely clear on what a player needs to do.

Because of this, many have been deeming it a bug, which is most definitely not the case, and the quest can be completed by just adding one simple step. Hopefully, today’s guide will be helpful for those who have been struggling with reshaping the Enigma quest.

Completing Reshaping the Enigma in Destiny 2 The Witch Queen

The solution to the quest is relatively simple, but coming up with the fix is what’s making Guardians scratch their heads and call it a bug.

The issue arises when the quest prompts the player to enhance the weapon’s frame, and as crafting is a very new mechanic in the game, many have been stuck at this stage of Reshaping the Enigma for quite a while.

To enhance the frame of a weapon, Guardians will need to navigate to the far left of the crafting page, where they will first need to modify The Enigma’s frame.

The instructions for the quest are rather vague, and it does not mention the fact that one will be required to modify the weapon first before they are allowed to advance to the next stages of the quest.

Moreover, the bottom of the screen will also keep promoting the notification that players will need to modify their weapons.

While the quest term itself is called Enhanced Intrinsic, the mission is actually referring to the weapon’s frame, which will allow the player to modify some of its core aspects as they get more familiar with the Reshaping process. After modifying the weapon, the quest should progress like it’s intended to.

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