How to complete the High Efficiency SBC in FUT 22

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FIFA 22 has released yet another single-task SBC under the Road to the FInal (RTTF) promo, with today’s release being titled High Efficiency.

The single-task SBCs have been highly useful in light of the promos in the game during recent times. The RTTF promo features special cards for footballers present in the knockout stages of European club competitions. As great as these cards are, the odds of obtaining one from packs are low.

Hence, it’s beneficial for a player to complete any SBC, which is cheap and rewards an additional pack. FIFA 22 players can have a fresh go at a potential RTTF or other valuable items with every pack. The High Efficiency SBC will reward every player with an additional pack upon completion.

Task, cost and review of the High Efficiency SBC in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

Task of the SBC

# of players from Sporting CP + # of players from Manchester City: Min 1

Leagues: Min 3

Same Nation Count: Max 5

Rare: Min 3

Squad Rating: Min 80

Team Chemistry: Min 90

# of players in the Squad: 11

The High Efficiency SBC has a cost of completion ranging between 9,000-12,000 FUT coins based on the player’s platform. Considering the rewards, players are advised to use as much fodder as possible to reduce the prices.

The High Efficiency SBC is live in the game for 48 hours and can only be done once.

Review of the High Efficiency SBC in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

The High Efficiency SBC will reward players with one Premium Gold Players pack upon completion. The recent SBCs themed around UEFA Champions League matchdays have been very poor. Considering their cost requirements, the rewards are just not good enough.

The Future Stars and TOTY promos have seen an incredible number of great single-task SBCs. Their costs used to be cheaper, and the rewards were better. EA will hope to turn things around. As things stand, there’s almost no reason for a FIFA 22 player to do the High Efficiency SBC unless they can do it entirely with fodder.

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