I want to be a better parent than my mother – but I’m failing | parents and upbringing

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There’s nothing like parenting to open your eyes to how you were raised and I’ve discovered I have an avoidant attachment style.

As a mother of two, I know I’m passing this on harmful legacy of emotional detachment. I push my older child away and keep them at a distance. With the youngest, who is still a baby, it’s very different: I know they’re stuck with me…at least for now.

My mother paras to retire at my current age (40) because she was ill – she was later diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Despite previous advice Lockdown – and to have Read more about all possible types of attachment in Books – I feel patterns repeat themselves. I want a warm loving mother, and a loving, sociable woman, but I don’t seem capable.

He said my husband fight with me “Close it‘ when he tries to tell me how he feels. He’s right. I do it with him and my kid. If you come to me with a rahasia me immediately downplay.

I cry out for help my fear of repeating the terrible legacy of avoidant attachment with my own children. And I will be a better friend for me

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