Jake Roberts says he intentionally injured a superstar

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Former WWE Superstar Jake Roberts spoke about the time he deliberately injured his opponent.

Jake paras two different stints with WWE, which was then known as the WWF. He started his first stint in 1986 which came to an end after 6 years in the company. The 66-year-old returned to the brand in 1996 but moved on to Extreme Championship Wrestling in 1997. He was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2014.

On a recent episode of the DDP Snake Pit podcast, Roberts said that he used to be on the receiving end of a clothesline every night.

“I paras an incident where a guy was giving me a clothesline every night and it was freaking ripping my head off, and I was recovering from having neck surgery. And in wrestling, you can make it look like you tore the guy’s head off or you can tear the guy’s head off. And of course, making it look like it is much better because then the guy can sell it properly. When you tear somebody’s head off, there’s no selling it, man. You get what you selokan. – Jake said. (H/T to Wrestling Inc)

Jake Roberts further stated that he snapped the unknown guy’s bicep in half deliberately after having enough of the clotheslines.

“And I went to the guy and called him out, you know, ‘hey dude, you’re killing me. What the hell?’ And he looked at me and said, ‘well maybe it’s time you get out of the ring’. So the next time we wrestled, he clotheslined me and I did a little manoeuvre and snapped his bicep in half with intent. And when he went down, he was grabbing his arm, the bicep rolled up on his shoulder, it looked pretty awesome.” – continued the icon. (H/T to Wrestling Inc)

Jake Roberts provides update on his health

Jake “The Snake” Roberts, who currently works for All Elite Wrestling, has provided an update on his health.

The wrestling legend professed that he no longer requires any oxygen tanks, though he is suffering from severe lung issues. He also noted that he requires oxygen only when he is on an airplane.

“Today, I feel great. I don’t have to use any oxygen at all. I do have to use it on the airplanes when they pressurize and go up high, but it’s something that can be dealt with. I can still live a great life.” Roberts said (H/T RingsideNews)

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