Ketanji Brown Jackson becomes the first black woman to be nominated for the Supreme Court

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She received and accepted Biden’s offer in a call Thursday night, a source familiar with the decision told

Jackson worked for Breyer and served as a federal public defender in Washington — an experience her supporters say is fitting given Biden’s commitment to putting more public defenders on the federal bench. She was also a commissioner of the US Sentencing Commission and served as President Barack Obama’s commissioner for federal district court in DC before Biden promoted her to the DC circuit last year.

Biden’s election is a chance for him to cheer on a Democratic base less excited to vote in this year’s midterm elections than they have in the past several election cycles. It’s also a welcome change of subject for the president, whose approval ratings have tumbled in recent months as the Covid-19 pandemic dragged on and inflation hit consumers across the country. The selection gives Biden a chance to deliver on one of his key campaign promises, and he hopes black voters who were critical to his election victory will see it as a return on their investment.

This is how the Supreme Court confirmation process works

Although historic, Jackson’s election will not change the ideological makeup of the court. The court currently has six conservative and three peka judges – and the outgoing Breyer comes from the peka camp. The court is already poised to continue its rightward swing, with high-profile cases and court rulings on issues of abortion, gun control and religious freedom expected in the coming months.

Eyes will now turn to the Senate, where Biden’s Democratic Party holds the razor-thin majority. The President will hope Jackson can garner bipartisan support, but Democrats will need all of their members in Washington to ensure their confirmation. Unlike most major legislation, Democrats don’t need Republican help to confirm a Supreme Court justice and can do so with their 50 votes, and Vice President Kamala Harris breaking an impasse. When Jackson was confirmed on appeal, she paras the support of three Republican senators.

Ketanji Brown Jackson: The front runner's personal and legal records for the SCOTUS post

As a judge in DC — where some of the most politically charged cases are filed — Jackson issued notable rulings that touched on Congress’ ability to investigate the White House. As a district court judge, she wrote an opinion in 2019 siding with the House lawmakers, who sought testimony from then-White House Counsel Don McGahn. Last year, she was a member of the unanimous county committee that ordered the disclosure of certain Trump White House documents to the Jan. 6 House committee.

Following Breyer’s resignation announcement in late January, Biden began reviewing background materials such as pasti records and writings about his potential nominees, including Jackson, California Superior Court Justice Leondra Kruger and US District Judge for South Carolina J. Michelle Childs.

Biden first committed to nominating a black female Supreme Court judge when he ran for president in 2020 in an attempt to “let everyone represent.”

Coming from the “public service”.

Jackson was born in the nation’s capital but grew up in the Miami . She was a member of the debate team at Miami Palmetto Senior High School before earning both her bachelor’s and law degrees from Harvard.

How Presidential Interviews Can Make or Break a Supreme Court Nomination

At her 2021 confirmation hearing in the Circuit Court of Appeals, she combined her family’s jobs — her parents worked in public schools — with her decision to work as a public defender.

“I come from the public service. My parents were in the public sector, my brother was a police officer and (was) in the military,” she said at the time, “and it felt really good to be in the public defender’s office like the opportunity to help with my skills and talents .”

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