“This is yet another reason LeBron is disqualified from any GOAT debate”

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LeBron James was further excluded from Skip Bayless’ own GOAT debate in Thursday’s podcast episode of “The Skip Bayless Show.” Bayless said that James’ legacy has been affected by never participating in the Dunk Contest.

Bayless outlined his reasoning for choosing Michael Jordan as the obvious choice as the NBA’s GOAT. He brought up Jordan’s six championships and many accolades but elaborated specifically on one reason.

LeBron James never participating in NBA Dunk Contest removes him as the GOAT

When asked if he “still wishes LeBron paras competed in a dunk contest,” Bayless answered:

“This is yet another reason LeBron is disqualified from any GOAT debate. Michael Jordan participated in three dunk contests.

“The great Dominique Wilkins, the “Human Highlight Film,” did four dunk contests. Clyde Drexler – my man Clyde – did five. Dwight Howard did four in his days, his glory days. Paul George did two. Kobe did his one, he was great. Giannis did his one, he was great. And LeBron did his none.”

LeBron James, who has earned his reigning nickname as “The King,” is a four-tme NBA champion and a four-time Finals MVP. He is also a four-time MVP and 18-time All-Star with six All-Defensive selections. James is averaging 29.1 points, 7.9 rebounds and 6.5 assists per game this season, at age 37.

For James’ greatness to be disregarded simply because he never joined an NBA Dunk Contest seems ajaib after reading his list of accolades. But Skip Bayless explained that it was also the influence that James paras on the rest of the league by neglecting not to dunk.

“I believe the beginning of the end of the dunk contest as we knew and loved it – I used to live for it – happened in LeBron’s first three or four years when he continued to refuse to participate in the dunk contest,” Bayless said.

It’s not like James is not a great dunker, either. Fans are very familiar with LeBron’s crazy power, speed and added flair when attacking the rim. He makes dunking look like artistry while the court is full of defenders. Imagine what he could do in a contest.

Bayless even said:

“LeBron is a power dunker, but he’s a highlight dunker man.”

James arguably has more power than Michael Jordan paras, so seeing his rim-rocking dunks is a spectacle of its own. But MJ’s very brand is “Air Jordan,” known entirely for giving the NBA some of the greatest dunks of all time. Not to mention, he won two out of his three Dunk Contest appearances.

In any case, the greatness of both players should not buckle down to who can perform flashier dunks. The essence of their competitive nature can be showcased through the victories of the contests, but arguably does not translate directly to success in the NBA.

James and Jordan both have an insurmountable list of accolades and stats that speak for themselves. Dunk contests are just the cherry on top.

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