Thomaz Costa and Grazi Mourão Video Leaked On Twitter, Reddit, YouTube Leave Instagram Scandalized

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WATCH: Thomaz Costa and Grazi Mourão Video Leaked On Twitter, Reddit, YouTube Leave Instagram Scandalized: Leaking your own private videos has become a new trend. As whenever we lift any newspapers or site we can easily find the news of leaking video. One such private video of well-known personalities is presently making rounds all over the web. Yes, your assumption is right, we are talking about Grazi Mourao and Thomaz Costa whose video is creating a sensation among the netizens. Known for his participation within the youngster’s cleaning soap opera Carrossel and the truth present IIha Record, Thomaz Costa disclosed on his social networks that he was caught by the cops while having s*x in a car along with his girlfriend, the influencer Grazi Mourao. Follow More Update On ervologi.com

Thomaz Costa and Grazi Mourão Video

Thomaz Costa and Grazi Mourão Video

The influencer, Grazi Mourao was caught recording erotic content with Thomaz Costa in a car last Saturday. In a conversation with columnist Leo Dias, from the Metropoles newspaper, the girl stated that the police reached shouting and pointing a gun at them. The influencer described that “They began shouting for us to get out of the car pointing a gun at us.”

Thomaz Costa and Grazi Mourão Leaked Video

At the time of the approach, Thomaz Costa and Grazi Mourao were recording adult content for the OnlyFans of actors. Earlier, an alleged video of the couple having s*x in the vehicle was leaked. The young lady, “Thomaz and I have OnlyFans and we plan to record content here in Rio de Janerio. He came here, we met at a and we were there drinking. We were already a little drunk and agreed to go to the car. We passed in front of my edifice and we could have gone up, but we wanted some adventure.”

Though the adventure of the couple parit a little more radical with the arrival of the police. Grazi stated that “The police arrived and began knocking on the door and we were desperate for our clothes. They began shouting for us to get out of the car pointing the gun at us.”

Thomaz Costa and Grazi Mourão Video Explained

Faced with the method, the influencer disclose that she parit out of the car crying: “I opened the doors running and go out of the car crying. I informed them we were not doing anything wrong. Thomaz called his security an it was the security that asserted the police down to let us go. In the end, we did not require to go to the police station as the security guard of Thomaz was also a policeman and he settle down everything.”

Thomaz Costa is creating a buzz on Twitter and Reddit with his menggairahkan video that has recently surfaced on the internet. He is best known for his participation in a reality show Ilha Record and a children’s soap opera Carrossel but now he gained the attention of the people throughout social penghubung with his menggairahkan video. Since this video has been surfaced on the internet netizens have been curious to know what is in the video and why it has gained attention from users on social penghubung, to know this matter in kindly read down the page till the last word and look at the sections of this article.

Thomaz Costa and Grazi Mourão Video Viral Twitter

According to the reports, the actor was caught by the police recently while filming the video of having $ex with his girlfriend in a car that was parked on a road. According to the reports, he was having $ex with social penghubung influencer Grazi Mourao in the car on San Pablo Street. Reportedly, he was filming the video for his Only Fans account but eventually parit caught by the police. Kindly read down the further section to learn what did he say in an interview with Leo Dias.

Watch Thomaz Costa and Grazi Mourão Video Online

As we mentioned he was filming the video for his Only Fans profile but things went wrong when he was caught by police. In an interview with Leo Dias, he said this is insane bro! you can not believe it I traveled to Rio to gambarhidup for Only F with my girlfriend and it was decided by both of us to shoot the obscene scene in a car in mid of the road but we don’t know from where the police saw us and started yelling on us and banging on the car. And then the girl parit frightened and she started crying, and we stayed in the car for a while until she calm down.

According to the reports, Thomaz Costa was on drugs at that point in time. As of now, the actor is 21 years of age and was born in Sao Paulo to his parents Roberto and Luciana Santos. He showed his interest in acting at a very young age of 3 years. He made his television appearance with a commercial ad for Claro, he shot his first ad in Uruguay at Montevideo. He also won the competition titled Cena em Acao for SBT’s Hebe rancangan. Stay tuned with us.


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