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Kyoto Animation will re-release one of their older anime, MUNTO anime, this time on Blu-ray on December 22, 2021. To celebrate this release, Kyoto Animation has also released a number of early episodes of this anime on YouTube, to be watched until January 4, 2022. Watch the following episodes:

MUNTO is one of the early works of Kyoto Animation. This anime was originally released as a 2-episode OVA in 2003 and 2005. This anime was later remake into a 9-episode series in 2009 with the title Sora wo Miageru Shojo no Hitomi ni Utsuru Sekai, to be continued with a feature film titled Tenjobito. to Akutobito Saigo no Tatakai/Last War of Heavenloids and Akutoloids in the same year. This 2009 remake version was re-released in Blu-ray format, complete with feature films, all of which were released on Blu-ray as many as 3 pieces. As for in October, it is planned that episodes le-3, 4, and 5 will also be published on YouTube.

MUNTO itself tells the story of Munto, the king of a Magic Kingdom who is trying to save his world. In this endeavor, he meets a human girl named Yumemi who is able to see the Magic Kingdom floating in the sky.

Munto Anime Synopsis

Over the Earth, invisible to humans, Heaven soars – a collection of floating island kingdoms supported by the magic of their godlike inhabitants. A mysterious energy source known as Akuto allows this magic to exist, but it quickly dries up. In response to this energy crisis, most kingdoms in Heaven agree to use the minimum amount of Akuto needed to sustain themselves, with the exception of the Magic Kingdom.
The leader of this kingdom, Magic King Munto, believes that Akuto can be replenished if he travels to Earth and meets the mysterious girl shown to him by the seer. While Munto embarks on a dangerous journey, the other kingdoms try to destroy the Magic Kingdom and take possession of the remaining Akuto for themselves.

On Earth, Yumemi Hidaka solves her problems herself. She can see floating islands in the sky, which no one else can.
While her best friend Ichiko Ono believes her, Yumemi wonders if she’s going crazy. When Munto suddenly appears in front of her, Yumemi dismisses him as a mere delusion. She is more worried about her 13-year-old friend Suzuma Imamura, who is trying to escape with her criminal boyfriend.
As the Magic Kingdom approaches the point where it will fall from the sky, Manto’s desire to save both Heaven and Earth becomes more desperate.

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