What is it and how is it bred?

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Platinum Field allows you to collect the best trade skill resources in Lost Ark. To access it, you need an entrance ticket. The ticket is consumed upon entering the Platinum Field instance. You can queue for such activities from any major city. If you don’t know the location, just open the map and search for it platinum fieldthe easiest way to find the location of the instance queue.

Platinum Fields Guide

Platinum Field is a 15-minute instanced medan accessible with a special ticket that can be dropped by completing tradeskill tasks such as foraging, logging, mining, etc. Its drop chance is low because the rewards in the platinum field are just otherworldly and immense in quantity. Still, it’s worth having a drop of this caliber, and sooner or later you’ll get one too.

Platinum Fields Instances

Once you get the ticket

can you line up for two Platinum Field Instances. those are Nahun’s domain and Old Yudian Canal. Both offer different trading skill resources as they perform different tasks and require different trading skills. You can check them out below:

  • Nahun’s domain offers foraging, logging and mining nodes.
  • Old Yudian Canal offers fishing, hunting and excavation nodes.

Do not worry. The instance consumes no tradeskill energy and does not reward additional tradeskill experience.


Having gotten here, I would guess that you have already done so platinum field ticket, and you’re not sure how to do it right. Well, nobody wants to waste theirs admission ticket for nothing. These bagat’t exactly requirements, but consider them a safety surplus. I suggest that you achieve at least level 10 or higher in tradeskills for the particular instance you are queuing for. This allows you to collect every node in the dungeon.

To find out what your current trading skill level is, you can do so by clicking “L” key on your keyboard or go to Character -> Trade Skills.

party high

Forming a group of four players for this task is quite valuable. For example, the maps have multiple lanes that are difficult for a single player to ahli. You would also need to have the ticket, so it’s better if you organize the party before setting foot in the instance rather than just blind matchmaking. It works similar to that dice or the boss rush, for example.


  • have tools like the ones with Stun Immunity will help because mobs won’t hit you while collecting materials from nodes.

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